Bangkok SIP nr bereikbaar op bkk nr in Nederland

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Bangkok SIP nr bereikbaar op bkk nr in Nederland

#1 Bericht door Khon Neua » zondag 16 december 2012, 20:35

Misschien handig voor mensen die makkelijker bereikbaar willen zijn voor familie of zakelijk contacten vanuit thailand.

Technical Details for the Bangkok DID Numbers
Numbers are fully interconnected and reachable from overseas.
Fully SIP compatible
Call Hunting: Receive multiple calls at the same time on one number.
Caller ID (see who is calling / show your number to the other party when making a call)
If you want to have running numbers, please consider that you have to apply for them at the same time [example 02-xxx-xxx1, 02-xxx-xxx2, 02-xxx-xxx3 ]

What does it cost?
Onetime set-up fee of 1000 THB + VAT per number.
A monthly fee of only 214 THB already including 200 THB credit for outbound calls.
No charge for incoming calls!
calls between Bangkok DID numbers are free of charge

The package contains
Your Bangkok 02-xxx-xxxx Phone Number
Registration data for your SIP device ... umber.html

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